Sisters are doing it for themselves!

6 Dec 2016 Uncategorized

International Women’s Day is coming up on Sunday the 8th March, and on this day, women are being recognised and praised for their achievements all around the world. This is a day where people come together across all cultural backgrounds to celebrate the rights of women and girls. Woman across the world are achieving amazing success whether it is in their work-life, family or social life and these accomplishments are a testament to their sheer determination and will power. Whether they are studying, parenting, and/ or working …They are making it happen!

As a mother, wife, colleague, mentor, trainer and psychologist, Director of the Emotional Health Centre, Nicole Plotkin reports “I am faced daily with the challenge of juggling family, stress, work and pleasures. I am aware of the many ‘hats’ women chose or out of necessity must wear and how important it is to celebrate personal achievements”. Nicole is excited to be a part of AWU Working Well with Woman event (11 March 2015), presenting on Empowering Woman in the workforce.

Even in times of struggle, we can learn how to turn any challenges into opportunities for growth and learning. It is during these tougher times women must stick together and support one another. Women have worked so hard for their rights and positions in society; they deserve all the recognition and praise for their efforts in making the world a more equal place for women.

Ladies, take the time to think about:

A woman in your life that has inspired you…who are they…how have they impacted your life? What do you want to achieve? What do you want in life?

You have to the power to achieve anything you wish – set your mind and heart to it and go! But the essential ingredients for success is remembering to take time out to look after yourself and use resources and supports around you. You are not alone!!

Purple is the official colour for International Women’s Day as it symbolises justice and dignity – two values strongly associated with women’s equality. So to show your support, wear something purple on Sunday 8th March.

Get involved and support the cause. Use your voice through social media with hashtags #MakeItHappen, #womensday, #paintitpurple on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.