Critical Incident and Conflict Training in Melbourne

Conflict and critical incidents can occur in any workplace, regardless of work position, management level, or business size.

Our  Critical Incident and Conflict Training in Melbourne,  provides teams and individuals with the tools and resources to navigate difficult, traumatic and challenging situations. The training is aimed at individuals and teams who work in high-incident workplaces in which conflict and critical incidents can occur; or who have recently faced, or are currently facing, a critical incident or traumatic event. This training is a psychological first aide workshop.


What does the Training involve?

The training covers a number of modules, including:

  • Exploring individual and team preferences and strategies to navigate conflict and challenging situations
  • Exploring ways to minimise the impact of trauma and conflict.
  • Reviewing ways to defuse emotionally charged situations in self and others
  • Promoting resilience and adaptive ways to improve resources when faced with conflict and critical incidents.

What are the benefits of this Training?

One of the key benefits of EHCs Critical Incident and Conflict Training is that participants will gain an understanding of how they respond to difficult interactions and situations, and how this impacts: their attitude to work; those they work with; and their own level of well-being.

Some of the other benefits to employees, and your organisation, of this Training program are:

  • Improved organisational resilience to stress, conflict and trauma
  • Reduced impact of trauma on individuals and workplaces
  • Greater work productivity and engagement during and following an incident
  • Reduced workplace stress, absenteeism and stress claims

Training Delivery

This training is delivered by our skilled and experienced trainers, in an informative and engaging way; and is suitable for all levels of staff, from employees to managers and directors.

The training can be either delivered as a full-day workshop, which can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your workplace; or as a modified workshop, where only certain modules are selected depending your business needs.

For more information on our Workplace Training, or to arrange a Workplace Training Assessment, please contact us today.

For more information on our Workplace Training, or to arrange a Workplace Training Assessment,
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