Emotional Health Centre – Workplace Training Workshops in Melbourne

The Emotional Health Centre’s (EHC) highly interactive, Workplace Training Workshops in Melbourne, are designed to help your workplace thrive during times of change and conflict; or to enhance the current wellbeing of your staff. Workplace Training and Support services in Cheltenham, and can deliver any of our programs at locations across Australia

Our training programs can help you with any number of focus areas, including: improving stress management; promoting practices to create a mentally healthy workplace; improving productivity; building and sustaining resilience; and learning ways to effectively manage change.

These workshops can be tailored to the needs of your business and can greatly enhance your team’s engagement and performance

Which training is right for your workplace?

Determining which training your team or workplace needs can be challenging. It will depend on the current culture within your workplace; and the skills and resources you want to develop in your employees and teams.

To assist you, and your organisation, to identify which training solution is most appropriate for your needs, we have created our custom traffic light approach. This approach will help to simplify your path to greater workplace performance, engagement and wellbeing.

Our Workplace training workshops

EHC understands the pressures that modern workforce face. We have applied our Training, Psychology and Neuroscience expertise to develop this Performance and Resilience Training Workshop. This workshop will assist your employees and teams to build resilience, enhance performance and thrive at work.

Change is an inevitable part of any workplace;and supporting staff to effectively transition through change is one of the most challenging processes workplaces face. Our Change and Transition Training workshop is designed to help employees, and teams, navigate and adjust and come to terms with workplace changes.

Critical incidents and Conflict can occur in any workplace. Our Critical Incident and Conflict workshop provides teams and individuals with the tools and resources to navigate difficult, traumatic and challenging situations. It incorporates Psychological First Aide and conflict resolution principles.

What benefits can you expect from our Workplace Training Workshops?

EHC’s Workplace Training can provide your organisation with effective strategies to promote, enhance and restore productivity and performance. Our training can support your staff to develop emotionally healthy ways to manage stress through times of change, crisis, conflict and following a critical incident.

Some of the benefits of our training include:

  • Decreased workplace incidents
  • Improved staff morale and engagement
  • Enhanced productivity and motivation
  • Reduced work-related stress, depression, anxiety and WorkCover claims
  • Improved resilience

For more detailed information about our Workplace Training workshops, contact us for a copy of our Training Overview PDF.

We look forward to working with you to build and sustain the wellbeing of your workplace.

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