Performance and Resilience Training in Melbourne

The Emotional Health Centre (EHC) understands the pressures that modern workforce face. With this in mind, we have applied our Training, Psychology and Neuroscience expertise to develop our custom Performance and Resilience Training in Melbourne. Our training helps employees, teams and organisations to thrive during change.

The need for greater resilience in the workplace has grown due to the ever-increasing workplace demands and challenges placed on employees. People are expected to respond quickly and effectively in fast paced workplaces and still find time to care for themselves.

This comprehensive Performance and Resilience Training is designed to support individuals and teams to broaden and build on their mental health and wellbeing resources, enbling them to not only perform, but thrive at work.


What does the Training involve?

Our Performance and Resilience training is designed to help individuals build the skills and resources to: foster engagement; effectively manage stress; improve attention and performance; strengthen self-awareness and confidence; and minimise the risks of mental health issues.

The training covers a number of modules including:

  • Optimising resilience and performance
  • How to stay focused in a fast-paced workplace
  • How to make effective choices during change
  • Mindfulness and other calming techniques
  • Creating a mentally healthy workplace

What are the benefits of this Training?

EHCs Performance and Resilience Training can help your organisation build a workforce that is adaptable and agile during periods of change; and able to effectively manage their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Some of the many benefits to employees, and your organisation, of this Training program are:

  • Enhanced decision-making ability
  • Improved stress management
  • Greater productivity and concentration at work
  • Enhanced work relationships
  • Improved knowledge of tools for resilience and ways to support self and others

This interactive training is suitable for all levels of staff, from employees to managers and Directors. The training is delivered by our skilled and experienced trainers, in an informative, interactive and engaging way.

The training can be either be delivered as a full-day workshop, which can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your workplace; or as a modified workshop, where only certain modules are selected depending on your business needs.

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