Valentines Day Vs. Technology

15 Nov 2016 Uncategorized

Time to say I love you…..

It is often easy to feel like we now live in a world where….

• Friendship has changed from feeling comfortable ‘popping into a friends’ house at any time of day to wondering when it is convenient to call.
• Giving someone a hug and a compliment for doing a great job to receiving a compliment with a simple thumbs up.
• Writing and sending a birthday card to receiving an E-Card of a dancing dog.

Ask yourself:

• Is today’s technology making life easier or is wasting our life by trying to keep up with the Zuckenberg’s of the world?
• Are we creating a society of selfish, robotic individuals that spend most of their day walking with their heads in their phone?
• One question that is hard to measure is are we happier as a society today or were we happier before the evolution of today’s technology?
• Should we all continue to be on the same escalator of life or should we create happiness and love without Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

If we can do one thing this Valentine’s day, let’s all switch of our IPhones, IPad, Galaxies and look at your partner or loved ones in the eye and say I LOVE YOU.