Emotional Health Centre – Workplace Support Services in Melbourne

At the Emotional Health Centre (EHC) we provide Workplace Support Services in Melbourne to assist organisations in building workplace wellness, resilience and performance. We provide a range of services including: EAP; Critical Incident Support; Workplace Wellbeing Assessments; Psychological testing; Conflict Resolution and Bullying support; Workplace Mediation; and Restructuring and Redundancy support.

At EHC we understand the challenges faced by Leaders in encouraging their teams to be productive, collaborative and engaged. If your team, or organisation, is lacking positive employee morale, employee wellness, and supportive employee relationships, we can help you restore a sense of positive wellbeing in your workplace.

How EHC Can Support Your Workplace Wellness

Our Workplace Support interventions are designed to maintain, support and restore mentally healthy workplaces. We believe that a mentally healthy workplace involves simple steps, done well and reinforced overtime. We also understand workplaces can get focused on producing great results and can often, and unintentionally, forget to support the people doing the work

The Benefits of EHCs Workplace Support Services

The many benefits of a positive, well and engaged workforce are tremendous in creating a high-performing and productive workforce.

These benefits include:

  • Improved employee morale
  • Greater staff engagement and commitment
  • Improved resilience and stress management
  • Greater ability to cope with and manage change
  • More positive and supportive work relationships
  • Enhanced employee health and wellness
  • Reduced staff absenteeism, stress leave and Work Cover claims

If your organisation is ready to build a positive, engaged and healthy workplace that encourages high-performance, collaboration and results, then speak with one of our experienced Workplace Support Specialists today.

Workplace support programs

EAP Counselling

Our EAP is a confidential, counselling based program for employees that provides support during work or personal challenges.

Critical incident and Trauma support

Our Critical Incident management provides support to individuals and teams following a traumatic situation, allowing  them return safely to work and life.

Leadership and performance coaching

We believe that investing in today’s leaders, and developing tomorrow’s leaders, is crucial to the success of any organisation.

Workplace wellbeing assessment

Our Workplace Wellbeing Assessments can assist your business in understanding more about your workplace culture, perceptions.

Conflict and Mediation

Our highly effective Workplace Conflict and Mediation services can be tailored to your organisation’s individual needs.

Managing difficult conversations

We understand that people, and teams, can work in an environment that involves exposure to highly sensitive or confronting situations.

For more information on EHC’s highly valuable Workplace Support Services, contact us today on (03) 9584 5150