Emotional Health Centre – Workplace Wellbeing Assessments in Melbourne

At the Emotional Health Centre (EHC) we conduct Workplace Wellbeing Assessments in Melbourne, to assist organisations in maintaining a healthy workplace for their employees.

Often workplaces implement strategies to promote wellbeing, however, the reality can be quite different.  An important step in understanding more about your workplace well-being is to obtain an independent and voluntary Workplace Wellbeing Assessment.

By taking the time to address and tend to the psychological needs of your employees, you could dramatically improve productivity, attendance, morale and general wellbeing.

What is a Workplace Wellbeing Assessment?

Assessing the wellbeing of your workplace is equivalent to a ‘check-up’ of how the people in your workplace are functioning – both mentally and physically. This is not merely about spotting areas of improvement; but, also about highlighting the areas of workplace health and wellbeing that are operating well.

Often Workplace Wellbeing Assessments are implemented in response to an incident in the workplace, either to an individual employee or between staff members. But having a proactive ‘check-up’, before issues fester, can help maintain and enhance an already healthy workplace.

EHCs Workplace Wellbeing Assessments

EHCs Workplace Wellbeing Assessments can assist your business in understanding more about your workplace culture, perceptions, supports and needs around workplace wellbeing. Our experienced team of workplace Psychologists, Counsellors and Trainers can provide a professional, impartial and respectful assessment of your workplace wellbeing.

This assessment will be an invaluable tool in helping you to review the following:

  • The underlying reasons for staff turnover, sick leave or stress claims.
  • staff culture and emotional climate.
  • Contributing positive and / or negative workplace practices and behaviours.
  • recommend workplace changes and programs to improve workplace wellbeing, where applicable.

EHCs Wellbeing Report

The Assessment is followed-up with a comprehensive Wellbeing Report, which highlights any underlying issues, problem hot spots and steps to improve workplace well-being.

The Assessment is conducted by an experienced Psychologist/Workplace Change Specialist; who uses a variety of interview and data collection techniques, depending on your individual workplace needs, to collect invaluable workplace wellbeing information. Where applicable, we will make recommendations, based on the assessed organisational issues, to help decrease factors such as: sick leave; performance levels; stress and anxiety; and general staff well-being.

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