Working WELLNESS. We are all about Working WELL...

BE the the person, team or organisation you want to BE!

IF you have run out of excuses and have decided the time is now to Enhance, Adapt and Restore your personal and professional wellness…then  you have come to the right place!

For over 20 years we have helped individuals and workplaces manage challenging  transitions - applying our training, coaching and counselling expertise.

Whether you need help with your relationships,  career direction, success,  personal branding, strengths, motivation, communication, conflict, resilience, mental health or stress we are ready to support you.

+ We provide support for:


Time to talk...

We help support you through your life issues (Read More).


Time to enhance...

Help support and motivate you to improve your work direction (Read More).

Work Support

Time to elevate...

We help workplaces and staff to improve work productivity, conflict resolution and mental wellbeing through our work support programs (Read More).


Time to develop...

We help workplaces and staff to improve work productivity, resilience and mental wellbeing through our highly immersive training programs (Read More).

5 Ways Emotional Health Centre Can Help You:

  • Face difficulties and manage conflict
  • Improve self-understanding
  • Learn how to relax and improve stress management
  • Explore new avenues for growth and productivity
  • Adjust to change