Resilience training: Is it hocus-pocus or can a workplace really learn to be more resilient and reduce stress?

Recently I went to a workplace to deliver a workshop on resilience. Before I started I was informed that some of the employees were sceptical about whether the workshop would really reduce their stress levels and help them be more resilient.

Workshops are a great opportunity to share strategies and increase awareness of what evidence-based strategies can enhance resilience and reduce stress.

And yes! Employees can learn to be more resilient and reduce stress with the right knowledge and tools…and with some effort and motivation.

But resilience enhancement and stress reduction doesn’t occur overnight…

The reality is you don’t walk into a workshop one way and come out completely transformed. We are not expecting immediate transformations like you may expect when you leave your hairdressers. But a catalyst to start or reinforce healthy habits and rituals, and take time out to reflect on what is important for you be healthier and more productive at work. And learn what they can do to be more resilient and reduce stress.

Each workplace, team and employee is unique. And different strategies are needed.


I have developed the resilience wheel as a tool to reflect on your current resilience resources and to reflect on how close you are to the resilience bulls-eye.

Resilience Wheel | 4 resilience domains | Bulls-eye | Emotional Health Centre

My research and practical experience as a workplace wellness facilitator, trainer and psychologist, has led me to develop the Resilience Tribe Workshop….The Resilience Tribe Workshop is inspired by age-old tribes from all corners of the globe.

The program aims to tackle the challenges of today’s fast-paced corporate world. By bringing what we’ve learnt about tribes into the workplace, we can help you create happier teams and more cohesive cultures.

We take you and your team on an insightful 5-part journey you’ll never forget.

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