Discover the 3Ps to Reinvent, Launch or Grow Your Career…

3 Feb 2017 Uncategorized

The 3Ps are your Passion, Purpose and Personal Brand

These are critical factors in guiding your career ‘journey’ and will help you to answer the following questions:

  • ‘What am I going to do when I grow up?’
  • ‘What’s my next career step?’
  • ‘How do I change, improve, or adjust my current role so that it’s more fulfilling?’
  • ‘How do I work out what I want to do and what lights me up?’
  • ‘How do I get noticed?’

Part of looking at both passion and purpose is about looking at what’s right with you, what lights you us, what provides meaning in your life. Traditionally we’ve been told to look at what’s wrong with us and to develop these areas. Yet it’s what’s right with us that’s going to guide our journey, and what’s right with us is our strengths, our values and our skills, and this all underpins our passions and purpose and allows us to be authentically us – which is our personal brand.

In this blog, the key focus is the role of passion in your career journey. We’ll look at purpose and personal brand in upcoming blogs.

So what is Passion?

Passion’s a word that gets thrown around a bit these days. But what is it really?   Passion is your drive, your motivation, your zeal.   When you feel passionate about something, you bring a lot of energy to it and you also get a lot of energy from it.

Whichever way you understand it and whatever passion looks like to you, if you can tap into your passions and apply them in a work context, you tend to find yourself in ‘flow’ –  a positive psychology term to describe when you are totally absorbed in what you’re doing to the point that you lose all sense of time. It’s worth thinking about what you’re doing when you get into a state of flow as this can be a good indicator of your passions. Feel free to refer to passion as ‘strong interests’ if you feel more comfortable.

The next question is, how do you tap into your passions and what happens if you feel like you don’t have any?

Tapping into your Passions

Some people can easily tell you what they’re passionate about. Others have to think a lot harder and for some people, they may even feel they don’t have a passion, or they may feel like they used to know, but that they lost their mojo somewhere along the line. This might be due to getting lost in daily routines, or having children and taking on different roles. Whatever the reason, you can sometimes lose sight of your passions.

There are many ways to tap into your passions. One method is to use mind mapping. On a piece of paper, write down ‘passions’ in the middle of the page and then brainstorm all the things you enjoy doing around the outside. Then dig deeper. What is it about those things that you enjoy? For example, you might have passions around guitar, drawing and writing. If you dig deeper, you may discover that the common theme is creativity, or it could be a love of learning something new.

It’s the underlying theme and what it means to you that will help you identify what you could take into a new role, or even ‘recraft’ into your current role. That is, you may discover that any role you take on needs to allow for continual learning.  If you would prefer to stay in your current role, you may be able to ‘recraft it’ to incorporate a greater level of learning. You may choose to ask for stretch assignments, or you might look for other on the job learning opportunities.

Coaching sessions

You may also benefit from individual coaching sessions at the Emotional Health Centre to help you to identify the multi-faceted elements of your current personal reality that contribute to your passion and career journey.  This incorporates reviewing what ‘is working’ and ‘not working’ for you in terms of your work and home situations, values, goals, wishes, weaknesses, coping strategies, strengths, emotions, gut instinct and internal feedback and relationship with others.

At the Emotional Health Centre we use a lot of tools to help with this process.

A good starting point is the:   VIA strengths finderfree online positive psychology survey

So passion is your drive and motivation, it’s what interests and excites you and gets you into flow.

If you would like to find out more about tapping into your passion or other aspects of your career/ life journey feel free to contact us at EHC

Contributor: Laurenne Di Salvo – Coach/ facilitator/ Learning and Development Professional (Emotional Health Centre)