Learning outside the box – Brain training and Cogmed program

3 Jul 2016 Uncategorized

Regardless of age or learning abilities, there is evidence now that brain training/ learning new skills creates new pathways in the brain!

Do you want to maximize your brain?

We all learn differently.  The field of neuropsychology’s understanding of learning has profoundly shifted over the last ten years or so.  Too many people believe they cannot change how they learn or improve their capacity to learn.  You just need to read the Norman Doidge’s book the Brain that to see case studies of how intensive cognitive training can significantly improve a person’s learning capacity.

People with learning disabilities (such as ADHD and dyslexia) are often average to above average intelligence but need to be taught in a different way to blossom.

 What is cognitive ‘brain’ training?

  • Cognitive brain training consists of specific tasks people undertake and practise with the intention of learning and strengthening cognitive functions, such as memory and information processing speed.
  • Often referred to as a brain workout or brain gym!

 Did you know?

Brain training can assist to:

  • Strengthen motor memory
  • Delay dementia, Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders
  • Improve attention (including individuals with ADHD)
  • Not just accept learning difficulties, but address underlying issues.
  • Acquire new skills


Brain training at EHC – Cogmed training

Cogmed training is an evidence based memory training program for children through to adults to improve working memory.

The training incorporates individual coaching support by a registered therapist (psychologist at EHC) in conjunction with a 5 week computer-based program.


Enrolments open for 2015

Contact us on (03) 9584 5150.